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A love that feels like 90s R&B

If you know me, you know I love 90s R&B music (just as much as I love Drake & The Weeknd) when men were in love with their main chick. And when the main chick was the ONLY chick. Like what happened to dating someone because you genuinely like them … Not because you need them?!?!

And all these women that are so proud that they got another woman’s man to cheat with them. That’s not an accomplishment sister! However, I believe in love & I believe in faith. One who lacks either got major voids in their life & need Jesus. ??

The best relationship advice I can give you: Don’t take anyone’s relationship advice. Most people don’t want to see you happy anyways. Just know someday, somewhere, the BEST is going to walk into your life & make you thank God you didn’t settle for anything less. 🙂 When you meet the right one, it just feels right … Like you can totally visualize life with that person … It’s like emotional Disneyland. Loyalty and trust are so hard to find nowadays, if you meet anyone with both those qualities hold on to them. Forever.


You ever had somebody that just made all the worrying stop, stress go away and just made you completely happy when you’re with them? When it’s real you don’t just get a promise, you get a commitment. You don’t just get a body to lay down to, you get a heart to wake up to. You don’t just get honesty, you get loyalty and most of all you don’t just get a partner … You get a soul mate.

Finding one good woman and being everything she thought didn’t exist, is part of being what she thought never would happen. As a good man you become the definition of „good things come to those who wait“ and when you get to know her, her heart, her previous pains, and know she prayed for someone like you, you will than understand what it truly means to be in a relationship with her but also with God … Because no matter how beautiful you think she is, a man of God and a man that’s loyal, honest and just wants to be there for her is the BIGGEST COMPLIMENT she has gotten.

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