Someone Who Ain’t Just Cute. 

Find you someone who ain’t just cute.

Find you a man who’s gonna empower you.

Find you a man who treats you like the QUEEN you are.

Find you someone who will love like you love.

Find you someone special.

Find you someone who thinks deeper than – who leaves impacts on your heart.

Find you someone who cares. About the little things… Like – when’s the last time you ate and if you’re getting enough sleep at night.

Find you someone who’s consistent. Someone who reaches out even in the moments when you’re distant.

Find you someone who listens.

Find you someone who won’t neglect what you told them about that one time when you loved too hard and how you can’t afford to be hurt again.

Find you a lover who’s a friend too. Who comes to you first because nobody else’s opinion matters.

Find someone who nobody else compares to.

Not everyone’s going to „get it“ but not everyone’s supposed to.

Happy Weekend, JLM

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