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This Is For The Broken-Hearted Girls (& Boys)

Waiting Patiently vs. Being Stupid
If you don’t know where you stand with someone, don’t sit around waiting to find out. As I always say, ACTIONS will tell you what words won’t. Most times, we sit and wait for people to love us because we don’t realize we can love ourselves better than they ever could. Waiting patiently for things to grow organically is totally different than being stupid for someone who obviously has you on „pause“. Don’t let nobody put you on „pause“. Press play and fast forward your azz right on out of there.

If you love hard, you’re gonna be disappointed sometimes. Been there, done that. But don’t let it change the way you love. I always believed someone somewhere is waiting to love you exactly the way you deserve to be loved.

Never let another person dictate when they will deal with you. BE CONSISTENT or be FORGOTTEN. Because everyone loves a chase in the beginning but when things are in the trenches, they’re ghost. You shouldn’t want the type of love that makes you wait. You deserve the type of love that makes you anxious for the next Moment.

I know what I bring to the table. You either bring something too or STARVE. When you know what you bring to the table, not much else matters. And bringing something to the table isn’t always about financial success or materialistic things. What does that SOUL do? Sometimes the Lord warns us and we don’t listen. Then we end up on social media. Posting quotes and shxt.


Every experience is a learning one.

Don’t hate them because it didn’t work out. Thank them for teaching you. Class act. It’s easy to hate a person when you feel they’ve done you wrong. Don’t hate them. Just remember God gives second chances. Not us.
Who got time to settle? Not I, said the cat. I don’t have to. So I don’t. Ever. Ever ever. A person can only try so many times. You eventually get tired of trying. You eventually move THEE FXCK on.
And sadly, they usually realize what you meant to them AFTER you walk away. AFTER they begged to have you and wasted your time. Wasted time will have you ready to catch a body. But keep calm, beloved. Be kind. That scares them even more.
You don’t have to be in a situation you are no longer happy in. Even if the „split“ is embarrassing.  Ask yourself IS IT WORTH IT? It’s never worth your heartache, pain, nor confusion. That ain’t love. That’s mind control. Don’t give it to them.


Say what you mean and most importantly MEAN WHAT YOU SAY.

When you’re a hopeless romantic, you tend to find the silver lining in every person you meet. Don’t let the silver lining blind you. Don’t let their face, body, money, or success blind you from the fact they ain’t shxt. Hello. Staying with someone who isn’t treating you right is equivalent to riding a carousel and expecting the horses to go higher … it just doesn’t happen. Hop off the carousel of confusion. You deserve BETTER. Make sure you are treated at LEAST as good as you treat YOURSELF. Otherwise, you’re doing yourself a disservice. We don’t have time to sit around and be stupid while „waiting patiently“.
Don’t jump through rings of fire for someone who won’t even provide the matches. And of course, you’re always gonna be „the bad one“ or „the crazy one“ when you walk away. Good. Stay bad. Stay crazy. Accept ONLY the best. You ARE what you ACCEPT. So don’t get mad when what you’ve ACCEPTED is not what you EXPECTED. Choose wisely. If you aren’t receiving 100 % from a person, that other percentage is going to someone else. You better believe that.

At the end of the day, if you’ve given a person your ALL, you’ve done enough. Walk away with your dignity and respect. Know the difference between patience and stupidity.



2 thoughts on “This Is For The Broken-Hearted Girls (& Boys)”

  1. Wow. Faszinierender Text und oh so true. Habe ihn gleich mehrmals gelesen. Starke, wahre Worte – wenn es nach mir ginge würde ich gern mehr solche Texte von Dir lesen wollen 🙂

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