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Sexier than sugarcoated nothings

This was inspired by the break-ups and divorces my best friends went through.
There comes a point in time where you realize you are stuck to something that clearly ain’t sticking to you. In the beginning, everything is promises, peaches, and paradise. Later, you find out it’s all illusion. A „sell“ of some sort. We are all trying to sell the BEST version of ourselves in the beginning. So everyone appears perfect. But one mistake you can make is trying to fill the position of your soulmate YOURSELF. Let it flow. When „mad day“ comes, sometimes it isn’t fixable.
And you know what: BE OKAY WITH THAT!
Every no puts you closer to your yes. Trust me! Every failed attempt at romance puts you closer to THE ONE. Let it flow, beloved. And if you think there’s only ONE person on this planet that is capable of loving you the way you deserve, you’re wrong. Basically, don’t be stuck on someone just because you don’t want it to fail. It could actually be a blessing.  Always be honest in the beginning. If you a heaux, say you a heaux. Don’t wanna settle down? Cool. Let’s both play. No problem.

Honesty is sexier than sugarcoated nothings.

No one is perfect. Sometimes you’ll mess up simply out of fear. Like sometimes „things are too perfect“ and you mess it up being nervous. You can’t continue the cycle. Maybe stop caring so much. Mirror what they give you. Take nothing personal. Everything ain’t a good fit. After you swallow your pride, attempt to communicate, and nothing happens, move on. You’ve done all you can.
Don’t ride for nobody who won’t put in on gas money.
When you can walk away from a situation smiling, there’s a new wind of motivation. Be ready to mingle. AF. You could be willing to jump through rings of fire underwater for a person & it still not be enough. You MINUS WELL train for the olympics. If they aren’t treating you the way they treated you on DAY ONE, don’t carry them into tomorrow.  Know when the thrill is gone, beloved. Know when they’re just not that into you.It doesn’t always mean you aren’t worthy of them. It usually means they actually aren’t worth of YOU.
Listen, no need to have hard feelings when it doesn’t work out. Just don’t let „good memories“ distract you from the BAD. Do your part until they no longer do theirs. Address the issue respectfully. Stay. Or Go. But never go backwards. THE ONE is out there waiting to meet you and enjoy the most beautiful love story you’ve ever known. Just believe it.
There’s always someone chillin in the cut, waiting to make you feel better about a situation. What a blessing. Hold them accountable. If you let failed romance make you bitter, you’ll miss out on what’s truly meant for you.

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