Living In New York City

New York always welcomes me with lots of love: I just love every corner, every street, every building, every person and even all the loud sirens, honking and the mass of people. To be honest in every other city all of that seems to be so annoyingto me: too loud, too stressful, too windy, too cold, too exhausting and too fast. But oh, let me tell you about NYC. That’s my home y’all. My happy place.


When someone smiles at you

for no reason.

When you are inside a room

filled with people you love.

When a mircale happens.

When your best friends say good-bye.

When you leave that city that changed your life.

When you’re in a club and you fall in love

with a stranger.

When you pluck a flower

and ignore it has a few hours to live.

When you lie in your bed

and think about the night before.

When you take a photo with someone

you will never see again.

When your heart is broken

and slowly heals itself.

When you lose yourself in the chaos

of the world …

to find yourself in the end.


This is where you hurt the most.

This is where you live the most.


In the moments that give you breath,

and in the moments that take it away.


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