Happiness is always the ultimate goal

Do you pay attention to all the things that make you happy?

Do you give credit to the small things that make you smile?

Today, I choose to reflect on little things that make me happy instead of things I cannot control (cause Lord knows I love to stress over things I cannot change). I love when strangers smile at me…and mean it. I love when I wake up and feel confident. I love when I can detect hair growth. I love when I laugh until the back of my head hurts. I love waking up to a kiss on my head in the middle of the night. I love cooking pasta. I love when my dog cuddles up on my leg just to make sure I’m still in the bed. I love when he asks me for one more kiss. I love when people say they’ve learned something from me.

Happiness is always the ultimate goal

Still I am not entirely the woman I desire to be but I’m trying to focus on things that matter the most these days. So join me today in focusing on small things that make you feel full. The internet is filled with so much garbage these days that sometimes you need to have a talk with yourself. There’s still good out there. I am also still working on not fearing happiness and letting a moment be great. Still working on not looking for the bad when I’m feeling good.

Let it be beautiful.

Keep God first. Stay focused. Get money. Everything else falls into place. I promise.

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