Baby Manning On The Way

Well I am sure you saw on Instagram but we are having a baby in March!!! We are so so so so soooo excited!!! Casper obviously doesn’t know what is going on but he is so sweet and cuddly I know he will be a good big bro! Casper and the baby will be about 16 months apart,  so I’m sure they are gonna be best friends for life! Compared to other mommies I’m still not really showing a real baby bump – it is more looking like I had a good summer with lots of fries and pizza and no workout at all. At least that’s how I feel. I’m sure though the bump will gonna get huge in the next weeks since Timo and I are both tall. He’s almost 6’7 (2.04 m) and I’m 5’11 (1.80 m). I’m also still dealing with this cold. For two weeks straight now. So I’m out for any real workouts right now and booooy, do I miss it. I’m still doing Pilates and this „fit with a baby bump“ workout with some other girls once a week, plus antenatal exercises every Thursday. And of course, lots of long walk with Casper.

Up all night

Also I was really sick the first 12-14 weeks. When we were in the middle of moving cities. It was the worst. But I’m all good now except for weird sleeping habbits. I wake up in the middle of the night and be up for 2-3 hours just thinking about everything. Anyways, it feels good to announce it though. Super excited to share this next chapter with you guys.

Thanks for all your sweet comments on my instagram announcement, honestly they made my day and I read every single one of them. It really does mean so much to have your support and I feel like I am friends with a lot of you, I love love love it.


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