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⚠️WARNING real post ahead!⚠️
Obviously we’re always going to post our best photos only and sometimes there’s nothing wrong with that.
It’s kind of like showing up to work dressed up 👠, hair and make-up pefectly done. But sadly I feel like so many moms and pregnant women feel inferior seeing perfect pregnancy pics on social media. Model body, 2,000$ strollers (as if your baby would care about that, really?!), beautiful nurseries, lavish baby showers, shoots on tropical islands, perfect marriage, easy delivery… that may be realistic but not for everyone. 🤰🏻
I feel the need to let all of my pregnant followers know even without all that YOU ARE QUEENS 👸🏽 TOO ! YES HAVING A BABY IS BEAUTIFUL! GROWING LIFE INSIDE YOUR BELLY IS BEAUTIFUL! 👼🏽 But that doesn’t mean the process is. 💙


The majority of my days look like this.👆🏼 Wearing Timos XXL shirts and sweaters because mine don’t fit anymore (too cheap too buy maternity clothes I’ll wear once) when you don’t leave the house much. Hair & make-up? No energy for that on most days. We can keep going about the other things like major mood swings, sleepless nights, emotional breakdowns (sorry Timo), lack of motivation.😳 😂. My life isn’t perfect … I don’t have my parents with me here on earth anymore to help me with this wonderful journey. Timo and I are still finishing up the nursery, I haven’t been able to see my my grandma since christmas, I dread dressing myself because it sometimes physically hurts & I’d rather go the gym, on walks with Casper or chill at home. BUT not everything is bad, life is good still.😍 I got less than 7 weeks left and I don’t want this pregnancy to be over that soon but at the same time I really can’t wait to meet my daughter. To hold her. To kiss her. I’m in tune with my mental / spiritual / internal health more than ever! Despite feeling like a huge wrecking ball, I’m the happiest I’ve ever been! LADIES LOVE YOURSELF! #bodylove

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